Granular Technology - Crop Care

Granular Technology

WG technology (water dispersible granules)


  • Greater crop safety by eliminating solvents
  • Products which will not compact or settle in storage and are easy to handle
  • Higher active ingredient content - reducing packaging, transportation and storage costs
  • Uniform products which can be measured volumetrically
  • Elimination of rigid packaging
  • Reduced user exposure through virtually dust free formulations

Extrol® technology - for high melting point active ingredients

This technology uses a wet paste preparation, which is extruded to form strands then tumbled to form granules.


  • Smooth granules of consistent product quality
  • Rapid dispersion
  • Low wet sieve
  • Uniform and controllable bulk density.
  • Active ingredient loading up to 90% w/w

Sorbie® technology - for liquid active ingredients

Our unique Sorbie technology is used to manufacture a blank water dispersible granule, which is then infused with a liquid active ingredient to form a solid emulsifiable concentrate.


  • Smooth granules of consistent product quality
  • Rapid dispersion
  • Uniform and controllable bulk density
  • Active ingredient loading up to 50% w/w

Selcote® Coated Granules

This formulation technology was developed for the accurate and consistent delivery of agricultural chemicals and / or trace nutrients to the field. Formulations consist of coated core and homogeneous granule technology for numerous applications.


  • Uniform application of active ingredients to the field
  • High coating levels
  • Active ingredients in the core or the coat
  • Uniform consistent quality granules
  • Attrition resistant
  • Insecticides, fungicide and herbicide applications